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GAF Sweden

Golf Club Management Association - GAF Sweden is a member organisation which cause is to benefit the development of Swedish golf. First in the area of administration but also work for a good cooperation with the Swedish Golf Federation (SGF) and other member organisations within golf.

GAF works for an administrative professionalism and action within golf and creating a companionship and proudness for their members.

Our members are:
General Managers
Financial administration
Club Management
And other functions at the golf club house.

GAF participate in creating and implementing education of administrators. We also have meetings where participants share their experience on both national and regional levels. We organise other education as well och work together with international organisations for the benefit of our members. 

We keep our members informed through digital newsletters together with Facebook and Twitter.

We create market deals for the benefit of the members but also for their clubs. We work together with the Swedish Golf Federation with sponsoring.

We have a very high level of counselling for our members - if there is anything you want to know - give us a call.

Contact information

Address Visiting address
Idrottens Hus / Golf Idrottens Hus / Golf
Box 11016 Skansbrogatan 7
100 61  STOCKHOLM, Sweden 118 60 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8-622 15 51  
Anna: +46 (0) 702-48 40 32  
IBAN SE2512000000013881460187